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kVA to VA Calculator (kVA to VA Easily)

kVA to VA Calculator

kVA to VA Calculator Kilovolt-ampere and Volt ampere are both standard units for measurement of power consumption in an electrical circuit. The units for measuring power consumption are watts. Manufacturers come up with those ratings based on other factors such as voltage, ampere-capacity, and efficiency of the machine. Kilowatt represents the rating on your electrical appliances. The types of phases in your circuit and also affect calculations. Depending on whether it uses a direct or alternative current […]

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Kilowatts to kilowatt-hours calculator (kW to kWh)

Kilowatts to kilowatt-hours calculator

Kilowatts to kilowatt-hours calculator (kW to kWh) Electrical appliances have a power rating given in watts or kilowatts that indicates the amount of electricity the device requires to run and provide the necessary output. The appliance manufacturer labels the power rating during the packaging of the equipment. It is very vital for a consumer when purchasing the appliance as the consumer can estimate the energy supply required and the cost of the energy to use. Kilowatts and […]

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How to get to Volts from Joules? (Joules to Volts)

How to get to Volts from Joules

Joules to Volts Calculator Volts and Joules are both International System units, which are strongly related when it comes to electric power and energy. Although sometimes people talk about electricity using both of them, they represent concepts with few little but notable differences. That’s why I will talk about the definition of each measurement unit and how to convert Joules into Volts. What do Joules (J) represent? We use Joules to represent energy or heat. In physics, […]

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Convert Kilowatt-hours to Kilowatts (kWh to kW) Easily

Convert Kilowatt-hours to Kilowatts (kWh to kW) easily

Kilowatt-hours to Kilowatts (kWh to kW) Calculator There often is a time when it is necessary to convert the energy consumption (represented by Kilowatt-hours which is abbreviated as kWh) to electric power (represented by Kilowatts which is abbreviated as kW). Although it may seem to be easiest to do this calculation using any of the available online converters the formula is so simple that it makes more sense to just calculate the conversion using any calculator. What […]

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