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Calculating Energy Consumption (Tips and Information)

Calculating Energy Consumption

Calculating Energy Consumption Energy Consumption is the amount of energy a device consumes while it is on or in use. The device can be a TV, light bulb, Game Cube, or even a Refrigerator. The consumption is in watts or kilowatts the device will use in the number of hours each day. Let’s go into more details on how it is measured: What is the Formula The consumption formula is as follows: E(kwh/day) = Pw x t(h/day)/1000W/kw […]

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kVA to Amps Conversion Calculator Online

kVA to Amps Conversion Calculator

kVA to amps Calculator kVA or also known as kilovolt-amps is a type of measurement for the electrical circuit apparent power. A single kVA has the equivalent of 1,000 volt-amps. This measurement are typical used for measuring the apparent power in transformers and generators. On the other hand, amps are a form of measurement for the electrical current within a circuit. What is the formula for kVA to amps? In case of single phase = kVA x […]

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Wh to mAh Calculator Online (Easily)

Wh to mAh Conversion Calculator

Wh to mAh Conversion Calculator Online Many people shopping for consumer electronic devices that use batteries are keen on the battery specified in Watt-hours(Wh) and other times in milliamp-hours(mAh). If you always wonder how you can compare the two, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will go through the formula you can use to convert watt-hours to milliamp-hours to know how much charge holds with specific wattage hours and voltage. The Wh […]

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Watts to Joules Conversion Calculator (Easily)

Watts to Joules Conversion Calculato

Watts to Joules Calculator What is the Formula 1 W = 1 J/sec Definition of each element of the calculation W stands for watt and J stands for Joule. A watt is used to calculate the rate of energy transfer in quantifiable terms, whereas a joule is a unit of energy. It is important to note that watts are stand-alone units and never expressed as watts per hour or watts per minute. Joules, on the other hand, […]

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Joules to Watts: All You Should Know

Joules to Watts All You

Joules to Watts Calculator Joules and watts are measurement units used in measuring energy. Using mathematical calculations, you can convert joules to watts. The following article will help you understand more about these conversion-calculations as you get to learn more about these units. Definition of each element of the calculation Joules represent the largest units of energy, named after James Joule, abbreviated as ‘J.’ A joule is the standard unit of measurement for work or energy. One […]

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Converting BTU to Watts Calculator (Easily)

Converting BTU to Watts Calculator

BTU to Watts Calculator What is the formula 1 BTU/hr = .29307107 W or 1 BTU/hr = .29 W Definition of each element of the calculation BTU stands for British thermal unit, while W stands for watt. It is important to note that while technically British thermal units are represented as a per hour unit of energy, this does not factor into its conversion into watts. Watts are simply watts, and not watts/hr or watts/minute. Keeping this […]

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