Joules to Watts: All You Should Know

Joules to Watts Calculator

Joules and watts are measurement units used in measuring energy.

Using mathematical calculations, you can convert joules to watts.

The following article will help you understand more about these conversion-calculations as you get to learn more about these units.

Definition of each element of the calculation

Joules represent the largest units of energy, named after James Joule, abbreviated as ‘J.’ A joule is the standard unit of measurement for work or energy.

One joule refers to the measure of the energy required to move a one-kilogram object through a distance of one meter, using a one-newton force.

A joule also applies to the energy generated as heat when a current of one ampere passes through a resistance of one ohm for a second.

Power is the rate of energy production or energy consumption.

Joules to Watts All You Should Know

A watt, abbreviated as ‘W,’ is the standard unit of measurement of power, named after James Watt.

A watt defines the amount of energy an item needs to function, and the rate of energy consumption.

One watt defines the rate of energy consumption in an electric circuit with a current of one ampere, having a potential difference of one volt.

What is the formula?

Since joules are units of energy (J), there are various formulas used to calculate it, for instance, work=force*distance and Energy=power*time.

However, the formula of conversion of joules to watts is; P (W) = E (J) / t (s) seconds.

How to do the calculation

Conversion of joules to watts requires an understanding of how these two units of measurement co-relate. Power (W) = energy (J) divide by time in seconds.

When converting the number of joules into watts, you divide it with the time in seconds taken, in seconds, to release the energy.

In simpler terms, 1J/S equals one watt. For example, 1000W equals 1000J/S.

Tips on Joules to Watts Conversion

If you require assistance converting joules to watts, use the electrical conversion calculator.

In some instances, understanding of the relationship between joules and volts is vital.

Joules to Watts All You Should

Note that you can calculate volts from joules, but you can’t use joules to calculate volts since they represent different quantity-measurements.

The relationship between watts and voltage is that, Watts = Amps * Voltage.

To sum up, understanding how to convert joules to watts require knowledge of what these two units of measurement represent.

Using the basic formula of energy (J) = power (W) * time(s), you can easily convert the units.

The basic conversion formula you need at your fingertips is that, 1Joule/Second =1Watt.

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