Percentage Body Fat Calculator

Percentage body fat Calculator


Body Fat Percentage calculator. This is a straightforward and easy-to-use online tool that will help you calculate your body fat percentage in just seconds!. This type of calculator can be used by anyone, regardless of their age or gender. Percentage body fat Calculator is different from a different kind of calculator because it does not require any input data like weight, height, etc. It calculates your %BF based on your BMI.

The calculation is done using an algorithm that considers all three components of the Body Mass Index, i.e., Weight, Height & Waist Circumference. You need only enter your current weight and then click on Calculate button to get your result instantly!

What is this calculator?

This tool helps you in calculating your body fat percentage with ease. Just enter your weight and select your sex and get your results within few minutes. This calculator allows you to know how much percent of the fat is stored inside your body. It also helps you determine whether you have an average amount of fat or more than what is considered healthy. You may also check if you are overweight or obese. The best part about this calculator is that it gives you detailed information regarding your health status.

what is the formula

The general formula for calculating body fat percentage is expressed as % BF / Ht2. This formula takes into account both height and weight. So when we divide W/Ht², we get our final answer. For example: If I weigh 100kg and my height is 1.75m, then my BFP would be calculated as follows:100/ 0.5% When using this formula, there are a set of rules you need to follow this includes :

1) Your height should always be greater than 2 meters.

2) Your weight must always be less than 200 kgs

3) Your waist circumference should never exceed 40 inches

4) Your hip measurement should never exceed 44 inches

5)Your BMI should be between 18-25

6)If you don’t meet these criteria, then you cannot use this formula

7)When doing calculations, make sure you do them correctly because even small mistakes could lead to wrong answers.

What are the important of using this calculator?

The following are six crucial of using Percentage body fat Calculator to your health:-

1) To determine your ideal weight range

When using this calculator, you can quickly figure out your ideal weight range. By knowing your excellent weight range, you can avoid gaining extra pounds and losing some too.

2)To measure your progress towards achieving your goal

Using this calculator, you can track your progress towards reaching your goals. With regular monitoring, you can see where you stand against your target. Also, you can compare yourself with others who share similar characteristics such as age, height, weight, etc…

3)To monitor changes over time

With this calculator, you can keep tabs on your progress over time. Using this calculator, you can see how your body composition has changed since last year. Also, you can compare your progress with those around you.

4)To identify potential problems

By using this calculator, you can quickly spot potential problem areas. These include diabetes high blood pressure, heart disease, , osteoporosis, cancer, depression, etc…

5)To improve performance

By using this calculator, you can assess your fitness level. Knowing your fitness levels enables you to take steps to increase your overall physical condition.

6)To maintain good health

Knowing your body fat percentage makes it easier to stay fit and healthy. In addition to controlling your diet better, you can also work harder at maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Good health is essential for living more extended, so by keeping an eye on your body fat percentage, you will ensure that you live long enough to enjoy everything life has to offer.

What is the chart of this calculator?

This calculator uses the same charts used in most medical clinics. The chart shows different ranges of body fat percentages based on gender and age. This means that if you want to know what percent of body fat you have according to your gender or age group, you look up the corresponding chart.


Percentage body fat Calculator is a handy tool that helps us to calculate our body fat percentage accurately.

It’s easy to use and understand. You can find many other tools online, but they may not give accurate results. But this one provides accurate results.

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