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Activity Points is the most accurate way to measure your daily physical activities, and it can be used as an indicator of how much exercise you are getting in each day. It also gives you a good idea about what kind of exercises you should do more often or less frequently. The number of activity points that you get depends on many factors such as age, gender, weight, height, body fat percentage, etc. You will need to calculate these numbers based on your measurements.

It also helps you understand if you are doing enough physical activities every day. For example, if you are not exercising at all but still receiving 5-6 activity points per day, there must be something wrong with your lifestyle. This means that you may want to start working out regularly to burn off some extra calories and increase your activity level.

What is this calculator.

This app calculates your activity points by measuring your heart rate while you sit down and relax. Your resting heart rate is measured when you first open the application. After that, whenever you go through any activity which increases your heart rate above RHR, you will automatically earn one activity point. When your heart returns to normal after finishing the activity, you will again lose one activity point.

What is the formula.

The calculation for Activity Point is x 60 + 10. This app uses your phone’s built-in accelerometer sensor to detect whether you have been sitting idle for too long. If yes, it measures your heart rate using its built-in sensors.

Then it subtracts your resting heart rate from your current heart rate. Finally, it adds up the difference between two values and multiplies them by sixty-plus ten. This formula works well even though your resting heart rate varies depending on different conditions like stress levels, sleep quality, diet, etc.

Your score changes because of several reasons:

  • Resting Heart Rate: Every time you use the app, it measures your resting heart rate. However, since everyone has their own unique resting heart rates, they might vary slightly. Therefore, we recommend that you take multiple readings before calculating your final resting heart rate value.
  • Exercise Duration: As mentioned earlier, this app counts only those activities where your heart beats faster than your resting heart rate. So, if you perform certain types of exercises for longer periods, you’ll receive fewer activity points compared to someone who performs similar workouts for shorter durations.
  • Calories Burned: Since our goal is to help people track their overall fitness levels rather than just counting steps, we don’t include calorie information in our calculations. But, if you’re interested in knowing how many calories you’ve burned during specific workout sessions, you can always check out other apps available online.

What are the benefits of using this calculator.

The following are just benefits of using this tool to your general health and wellness:

1) track your progress

It enables you to keep track of your weekly/monthly goals and see how far you’ve come towards achieving them.

2) monitor your sleeping patterns

You can easily know how much rest you got throughout the week. Your sleeping pattern will depend on work pressure, family responsibilities, social commitments, etc. Knowing your sleeping habits will allow you to make better decisions regarding your schedule.

3) improve your eating habits

If you were constantly overheating due to a lack of willpower, tracking your food intake will give you insight into why you eat excessively. Once you identify the reason behind your unhealthy eating habit, you can change it accordingly.

4) stay motivated

Knowing exactly how much exercise you need to do every day helps motivate you to get moving more often. It also gives you an idea about how much weight you should be losing each month or so.

5) learn new ways to reduce stress

Stress affects us all differently. Some people tend to overwork themselves at times, whereas others may not feel stressed until something goes wrong with their lives. By keeping tabs on your daily routine, you can figure out which type of lifestyle suits you best.

What is the chart of this calculator.

This graph shows you how your total activity point increases as you increase your physical activity level. You can notice that when you start exercising regularly, your activity point starts increasing rapidly. After some days, you reach a plateau phase wherein there isn’t any significant improvement in your activity point. The next step would be to decrease your activity point back to zero once again gradually.


Activity Points is one of the most popular tools gym enthusiasts use to measure their performance while working out.

This app has been designed to provide users with accurate data regarding their current fitness status. If you want to lose weight, gain muscle mass, or maintain your current body weight, then Activity Points is worth trying!

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