Converting BTU to Watts Calculator (Easily)

BTU to Watts Calculator

What is the formula

1 BTU/hr = .29307107 W or 1 BTU/hr = .29 W

Definition of each element of the calculation

BTU stands for British thermal unit, while W stands for watt.

It is important to note that while technically British thermal units are represented as a per hour unit of energy, this does not factor into its conversion into watts.

Watts are simply watts, and not watts/hr or watts/minute. Keeping this fact in mind will make the calculation much easier.

Also, because of the similarity in the size of both of these units of energy, exponential representations of amounts are not generally used.

How to do the calculation

Converting British thermal units to watts simply involves multiplying the total amount of BTU’s by .29. Please note that .29 is an abbreviated version of the total decimal amount of .29307107 in the calculation.

However, .29 is an accepted abbreviation to the calculation just as 3.14 is the accepted abbreviation of the much longer decimal amount of pi in calculating the area and circumference of a circle.

Converting BTU to Watts Calculator (Easily)

Converting 6 BTU’s to W would involve multiplying 6 by .29 to get 1.74 watts. Using the more exact conversation rate of .29307107 would yield a result of 1.76 watts.

Important tips and warnings

Sometimes, individuals will mistakenly assume that since British thermal units are represented as being a per hour unit of energy, that watts must also be represented as being a per hour or per minute unit of energy.

This thought process can lead to confusion and overthinking a relatively simple formula.

The best way to approach converting BTU’s to W’s is that one unit seamlessly converts to another unit like feet to yards or inches to centimeters.

All that needs to be done is multiplying the BTU’s by .29. Also, using the abbreviated .29 amount instead of the more exact .29307107 amount is a generally accepted practice.

Using a longer amount can take more time and should only be used if specifically instructed to do so.


Converting British thermal units to watts is a very simple process and only involves multiplying the BTU amount by .29.

The longer decimal amount of .29307107 can be used for a more exact amount, but .29 is the generally accepted abbreviated amount that can use in the formula.

The exponential representation of numbers is rarely needed in this formula since both British thermal units and watts are close enough in size.

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