Watts to BTU Conversion Calculator (Easily)

Watts to BTU Calculator

Watt is the standard unit for the power needed to do one joule of work per second, while the quantity of energy required heating one pound of water by 1� Fahrenheit is defined by British thermal unit (BTU/h).

Watt considers the energy transfer rate while BTU measures the amount of energy.

Btu is the most common measure of energy used in cooling and heating. BTU is used to determine the efficiency of heating appliances and air conditioners.

When buying heaters or conditioners, it is important to note the thermal energy rating of the appliances usually denoted by BTU.

Watts to BTU Conversion Calculator (Easily)

The power consumed by the heating appliances differs from the actual rating of the appliance.

Since heating and cooling consume power energy rated in watts, the need for conversion of watts to BTU becomes a necessity in industries that do the heating and cooling.

The conversion of watts to btu can utilize by using the following formula;

One watt is equivalent to 3.4121412 BTUs per hour

1W = 3.4121412BTU/h

Power in BTU/h is equivalent to 3.4121412 multiplied by the power in watts (W).

Power (BTU/h) = 3.4121412* Power (W)

BTU/h = 3.4121412* W

W = power in watts

BTU/h = BTUs per hour

3.4121412 is the constant of proportionality

The following is an example for conversion of watts to btu using the formula:

Example 1

Convert 1000W to BTU/hr.


1. Evaluate the formula

BTU/h = 3.4121412* W

2. Get the value given in the question and substitute it into the formula

Value given in the question is 1000W

BTU/h = 3.4121412* W

BTU/h = 3.4121412* 1000W

= 3412.1412BTU/h

Alternatively, for the same problem you can use;

1W = 3.4121412BTU/h

The value given is 1000w to convert to BTU/hr.


If 1W = 3.4121412BTU/h what about 1000W. That is;

1W = 3.4121412BTU/h

1000W =?

Doing the close multiplication, we get;

(1000W*3.4121412BTU/h)/1W = 3412.1412BTU/h


The indicated formula above is very elaborate to use in the conversion of watts to btu in any given problem.

The example given illustrates how to apply the conversion formula in two ways to arrive at the right figure.

An important thing to note in the formula is that the constant 3.4121412 is just an approximation, so getting a slightly different figure is expected while using different approximations of the constant.


The use of heaters and air conditioners in any premise calls for consumption power, which is usually has a rating in watts.

The need to know the power energy used in the cooling or heating process calls for the knowledge and use of the formula of converting watts to BTU.

Following the formula given above will get you to the correct conversion values.

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