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In the Daily Points Plus system, you will be allotted a certain amount of points daily. There are also restrictions on how many points can be used per meal and snack. On top of this, there is a limit to the number of allowed snacks per day. In this article, we will detail all these factors that you need to know as a Daily Points Plus user.

All foods have been given points based on their nutrition content and density. The calorie intake for a person using Daily Points Plus is usually calculated as follows:

Daily Calories = 9 x Weight (kg)

If the difference between actual weight and desired weight is more than 5%, daily calories can deviate from those stated above by up to 10%.

Once a person has determined his daily calorie target, the next step is to choose a meal plan that best suits him. There are ten different meal plans available in Daily Points Plus: Basic, Light, Joint Care, Diabetic, Heart Healthy, Low-Calorie Meals Plan (for women), Just Right Menus (various types of meals).

Beyond The Scale Meals (focuses on muscles and recovery), Carb Lover’s Menu (high-carbohydrate) and Vegetarian Menu. Each meal plan will list down the allowed foods in each food group which should be consumed within your daily limit. When doing your groceries or ordering at restaurants, you can refer to this list to ensure you stay within your points allowance.

This is where daily points plus gets a little more complicated. Three different types of foods will require you to use points: “regular” food, snacks, and condiments.

Snacks can be anything from fruits, biscuits, candy bars, or even a light meal such as noodles. The allowed amount of snacks varies for each plan, but all programs have a maximum of three snacks that may be consumed in one day. However, the total amount of points used for snacking cannot exceed 20% of your daily allowance regardless if you have met your target calorie intake or not, so it is best to prioritize your meals over having too many snacks. This means that if you have decided on 1400 calories a day and chose the Diabetic Plan, you should only have a maximum of 280 points for snacking.

Condiments are usually added to the food while cooking or at the dinner table. A few condiments do not need to be counted as part of your daily allowance, but it is best to check with your dietician or plans before adding these items. Condiments such as salad dressings, mayo, and ketchup will require you to count them towards your daily allowance so take note of how much you use in a day and adjust accordingly.

Here’s where things get complicated again. In addition, there are different types of condiments that have been classified into three groups: “regular,” “light,” and “extras.” Regular condiments include chili sauce, soy sauce, sweet chili sauce, bbq sauce, and mayonnaise. Creamy condiments include pesto, salsa, and mustard. Lastly, extras include jams, jellies, and chutneys, which is odd since these are usually used with pieces of bread but never mind that for now.

About Daily Points Plus Allowance.

In the world of dieting, there’s a new tool to help people lose weight. It is known as the “Daily Points Plus Allowance,” and it claims that with its use, an individual can increase weight loss by 16 percent while simultaneously increasing fat loss by a whopping 71 percent. This would mean that individuals on a diet could reasonably double their weight loss without doubling their efforts. Sounds too good to be true?

Unfortunately for those who are seduced by this particular piece of information, points plus allowance is just another form of calorie reduction. The program works much like Weight Watchers. All you have to do is figure out how many points each food item has depended on specific criteria. If you eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, those will be lower on your point scale, for example. Should you wish to lose weight, you would consume several points per day to meet your target goal. There’s nothing new here.

The plan itself doesn’t seem to forbid any foods inherently since the only requirement is to intake a certain amount of daily calories. As long as individuals take in fewer calories than they expend, they can reasonably be expected to lose weight. This doesn’t mean that people who follow this system won’t see good results because some have had great success with this program. However, remember not to think that something is being achieved if there aren’t reasonable efforts. Read about propoints Watchers calculator here.

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