Fat Free Mass Index Calculator

Why do you need fat free mass Index Calculator


The Fat-free mass Index is a simple, quick, and inexpensive way to measure your body fat percentage. It’s also the most accurate method of measuring body composition in athletes. The test involves taking two measurements: one with you standing up straight and another while lying down on an incline board.

This gives both your height and weight and how much you weigh when not carrying any extra pounds around.

The fat-free mass index can monitor changes over time or compare different groups, such as those who are overweight versus normal-weight individuals. In addition, it has been shown that the fat-free mass index correlates better than BMI with cardiovascular disease risk factors, including blood pressure, cholesterol levels, insulin resistance, and inflammation markers.

What is this calculator?

It is a calculator which will help you calculate your Fat-free mass Index based upon your Height & Weight. You may use this tool to determine whether you have low muscle mass or high Body Fat Percentage. The fat-free mass index allows you to determine if enough lean tissue is present in your body to support your daily activities. If you don’t have sufficient amounts of muscle, then you could experience health problems related to poor physical performance. Muscle loss occurs naturally during aging, but diseases accelerate it.

What is the formula

The general formula for calculating the fat-free mass index is

FFM / Ht^2

This calculator uses the following assumptions:

1) Your height is measured in inches.

2) Your weight is measured in kilograms.

3) Your age is calculated using years since birth.

4) All values must be entered into the calculator before pressing Calculate button.

5) To view results, press the View Results button after calculation.

What are the various benefit of using this calculator?

By using this calculator, there are a lot of advantages like :

• It helps us to know our current status

Health is an essential part of life, so we should take care of ourselves. By knowing our condition, we can do some actions accordingly. So, this calculator provides all information regarding our health. For example, if we want to check our body fat percentage, we need to enter our weight and height.

After entering these data, we get the result instantly. We can compare our results with others too. For example, we can see other people’s results and decide according to their situation.

• It shows us where we stand compared to others.

If we look at our friends, they might have more muscles than us. But, if we look at our family members, we would notice that they have fewer muscles than us. That means we are behind them. And, if we compare our results with others, we can easily understand that we are far from being healthy. For example, let say that your friend has 50% of their total body fat whereas you only have 30%. Now, you can tell them that they need to work harder to achieve a good fitness level.

• It tells us how many calories we burn per day.

Calorie burning depends on several things. One of them is our activity level. Another factor is our diet. This calculator gives us an idea about both of these aspects. For example, let say that you eat 2000 calories every day. Then, you will lose 1 pound each week. However, if you increase your calorie intake to 3000 calories, then you will gain 2 pounds. Thus, you will not lose any weight even though you consume more food.

• It lets us know when we start losing muscle mass.

When we lose muscle mass, we also lose strength. When we reach a certain point, we cannot perform simple tasks anymore. In such situations, we feel weak and tired. Our energy levels drop down as well. As time passes, we become weaker and weaker until finally, we die. Therefore, it is better to prevent muscle loss rather than waiting till we face a severe problem.

What is the chart of this calculator.

It displays three charts which show different parts of the human body. The first one represents the whole body; the second one represents arms and legs separately, while the third one represents head and trunk. Each section contains two graphs. The first graph shows changes over time. The second graph shows change between men and women.


This calculator is beneficial for those who wish to improve their overall physical appearance. If you use this calculator regularly, you will be able to keep yourself fit and healthy.

You may find it useful if you want to measure your progress or monitor your daily activities. Read about BMI calculator here.

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