Full Body Analysis Calculator

All you should know about the full body analysis Calculator


The Full Body Analysis is a method of body analysis that uses the entire body as an instrument to reveal information about your health, emotional state, and life. It can be used for self-awareness or with clients who are seeking help in understanding their own bodies.

The full-body scan allows you to see how all parts of your body relate to each other and what they tell us about yourself. It also enables you to identify areas where there may be problems such as pain, tension, stress, illness, allergies, etc.

What is this calculator.

This tool will give you a quick overview of your current condition by providing you with a score based on the results from our assessment. This score gives you an indication of whether you have any physical issues which need attention now or if it’s something that needs more time before we start working together.

You should always seek medical advice when experiencing symptoms like these. Something you should also notice about this calculator is that it doesn’t take into account your age, gender, or weight. All factors are taken into consideration during the process but only once we’ve completed the whole body scan.

What is the formula

The general formula for calculating Full Body Analys is :

Score x 100%

Where total points equals the sum of all scores obtained from every part of the body. For example; If you scored 10 out of 20 possible points at one area then the total would equal 30 points. Therefore the final calculation would look like this:


This means that 15% of your overall score comes from that particular area.To get the right result you must follow the following tips :

  • Make sure you’re relaxed.
  • Don’t move around too much while taking measurements.
  • Be aware of your breathing pattern.
  • Take note of any unusual sensations.

What is the benefits of using this calculator.

The following are some of the benefits you can get when you start using this calculator

1) A better understanding of your body’s strengths and weaknesses.

This is possible because the Full Body Scan provides detailed feedback on your body’s structure and function. By looking at the data provided through the scanner, you’ll gain insight into your body’s ability to heal itself naturally. For example , if you find that certain muscles seem weak, you might want to focus on strengthening them so that they become stronger than ever before. Or maybe you could try doing yoga exercises instead.

2) Better communication between doctor and patient.

By having access to accurate information regarding your body, you can communicate effectively with your healthcare provider. They can use this knowledge to make informed decisions about your treatment options.For example , if you feel tired after work, you could ask your doctor if he thinks you need to rest more often. He could recommend that you do stretching exercises to improve blood flow throughout your body.

3) More effective treatments.

If you know exactly why you’re feeling unwell, you can choose appropriate therapies that target those specific causes. For instance, if you suffer from backache due to poor posture, you could opt for physiotherapy sessions designed specifically to correct bad habits.this calculator is not intended as a substitute for professional diagnosis or treatment.

It does however provide useful insights into how well your body works in order to help you understand its limitations.

4) Improved self-care skills.

You may be able to identify areas where you need to pay extra attention to yourself. Maybe there’s a sore muscle that hasn’t healed properly yet? Perhaps you’re suffering from chronic pain?

The Full Body Scan allows you to pinpoint problems quickly and easily. This will enable you to take action sooner rather than later.

5) Increased awareness of health issues.

You may notice changes in your physical appearance over time. These include things such as weight loss or gaining, hair growth patterns, skin conditions, etc. In addition, it’s also important to monitor other factors which affect our bodies including stress levels, diet, sleep quality, alcohol consumption, smoking, exercise routines, etc.

What is the chart of this calculator.

The chart shows the results of each scan taken by the machine. You can see the overall strength of different parts of your body and their corresponding percentage scores. Each part has been assigned an individual score based on the amount of fat present within it.

If you have no visible fat then the area would receive a zero. However, if you have lots of fat then the number would increase accordingly.


Full body analysis is becoming increasingly popular among people who are interested in improving their fitness level. With the right equipment, you too can benefit from these services. Read about BMI calculator here.

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