Keep your Motivated by using 3 Point Skin Fold Body Fat Calculator

3 Point Skin Fold Body fat calculator Overview

This is a straightforward and effective way to measure body fat. It’s also one of the most accurate ways, especially if you’re looking for an overall picture of your health.

The three-point skin fold test measures subcutaneous fat by measuring how it bulges when pressed against bone or muscle tissue. You can use this method on yourself as well as others.3 Point Skin Fold Bodyfat will help you determine where you are in terms of body composition. This information is essential because it enables you to understand what changes need to be made to lose excess pounds.

An important thing you need to know about 3 Point Skin Fold Bodyfat is that there isn’t just one number representing your total body fat percentage. There are two numbers: percent body fat and BMI. Percent body fat tells you exactly how many calories you have stored away inside your body, while BMI gives you a general idea of whether or not you’re overweight. If you want more details than these two numbers provide, you should consider getting tested with bioelectrical impedance analysis instead.

What is this calculator?

The 3 point skinfold calculator allows you to calculate your percent body fat. It is a straightforward tool to use and works great!. It uses a formula based on the amount of fat found at different points around your body. These measurements are taken using a tape measure and ruler. Once all the data has been entered into the program, it calculates your %BF.

What is the formula?

The general formula in calculating 3 point skinfold is % BF )] / 100. It is an easy formula that can give you a reasonable estimate of your per cent body fat. To get started, simply enter your height and weight.

Then select which site you would like to measure from. Next, choose either “male” or “female”. Finally, click Calculate to find out how much body fat you have!

What are the benefits of using this calculator?

The following are five benefits of using 3 Point Skin Fold Bodyfat to your health & fitness goals.

1) It provides a quick snapshot of your current level of body fat

This is essential since it lets you see how far off track you may already be. Knowing this now means you’ll be able to make adjustments sooner rather than later.

2) It shows you where you stand compared to other people who share similar characteristics

Knowing where you stand relative to others makes it easier to set realistic goals. For example, knowing that someone your age weighs less than you do means that you don’t necessarily have to consider any lower to reach your goal.

3) It helps you identify areas of concern

If you notice that certain parts of your body seem disproportionately large compared to others, then you might want to pay closer attention to those particular regions. Some studies suggest that having too little body fat in specific places could increase your risk of heart disease.

4) It helps you monitor progress over time

It’s always helpful to keep tabs on how things are going so you can adjust accordingly. By tracking your results regularly, you’ll be better equipped to meet future challenges head-on.

5) It helps you stay motivated

It’s no secret that losing weight takes work. But once you’ve reached your target weight, maintaining it becomes even more challenging. That’s why keeping up with regular checkups is such an intelligent move. Not only does it let you know how close you are to reaching your ideal weight, but it keeps you focused on staying healthy.

What is the chart of this calculator?

3 Point Skin Fold Body fat calculator chart contains two types of charts for each gender as follows :

Male Chart

The male chart shows your result according to BMI, Waist circumference, and Hip Circumference.

Female Chart

In the female chart, show your result by waist-hip ratio, Waist circumference, and Hip Circumference.


3 Point Skin Fold Body calculator is one of the best tools available today. This simple yet powerful software will help you determine if you need to lose weight, gain muscle mass or maintain what you’ve got. The three-point method is used to assess body composition because it gives more accurate readings than methods that solely measure circumferences.

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