kVA to VA Calculator (kVA to VA Easily)

kVA to VA Calculator

Kilovolt-ampere and Volt ampere are both standard units for measurement of power consumption in an electrical circuit.

The units for measuring power consumption are watts.

Manufacturers come up with those ratings based on other factors such as voltage, ampere-capacity, and efficiency of the machine. Kilowatt represents the rating on your electrical appliances.

The types of phases in your circuit and also affect calculations. Depending on whether it uses a direct or alternative current affects the calculation of voltage-amperes.

The following article will act as a guide in understanding more about kVA and VA measurements and their conversions.

Definition of Each Element of the Calculation

Volt-ampere is the standard unit of measurement representing power in an electrical circuit.

In an AC circuit, the volt-ampere represents the apparent power due to the presence of a reactant, but in a DC circuit, it represents the real power.

In a DC circuit, 1VA represents 1W, where 1W represents the value of power calculated using the formula (power=Voltage*Current)

kVA referred to as kilovolts-amperes or volt-amps divided by 1000. kVA, on the other hand, is the measure of apparent power used by an electrical circuit. For instance, in a 100% efficient appliance, 1KW equals 1kVA.

However, most electrical appliances are not 100% efficient since the work output does not equal the power consumed.

What is the formula?

Typically, 1kVA equals 1,000 Volt-amps. Voltage refers to the electrical potential difference between two points in an electrical circuit.

A volt represents the measure of electrical pressure in the circuit, whereas ampere represents the units used in measuring the amount of electric current.

Finding the apparent power, you will require the product of volts and amps. Apparent power* power factor=actual power.

The power factor represents the efficiency of your electrical circuit.

How to convert Kilovolt-Amps to Volt-Amps

Both Kilovolt-amps and Volt-amps are the measures of power in an electrical circuit. 1kVA is an equivalent of 1,000VA.

kVA is the equivalent of a square root of 3(1.732) amps*volts, divided by 1000.

Conveniently, you can use electrical conversions calculators, by filling in your kilovolt-amps of your machine, and machine efficiency to find an accurate Volt-amps capacity. For instance, 1kVA equals to 1,000VA.

Tips on the kVA to VA calculator conversion

Note that machines are rarely 100% efficient. When finding the apparent power, determine the electrical efficiency, let’s say 80%. Using the electrical conversion calculator, find the KW.

Note that the electrical voltage is either direct or alternating. The voltage of a direct current circuit is equal at all times due to similar polarity.

The kVA and VA calculations depend across various circuits’ phases, which include single and three-phase circuits.

kVA to VA Calculator (kVA to VA Easily)

Also, understand different physics laws that guide you in calculating factors such as energy.

To sum up, when learning the kVA to VA units, you need to understand various standards units of measurement.

Factors such as voltage capacity, power, and energy have multiple SI units used to quantify.

If you want to convert kilovolt-amps to Volt-amps, multiply the equivalent kVA by one thousand. Direct current circuits do not have resistance, hence easier to calculate the volt-amps in the circuit.

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