kW to VA calculator (kW to VA Easily)

kW to VA calculator

The real power given in kW is the power that equipment consumes to run and perform work.

The apparent power given in VA is the measure of uninterruptible power in an electrical circuit. kW to VA calculator is a powerful tool that helps in the conversion and calculation of kW to VA and VA to kW and avoids a lot of paperwork and saves on time performing many calculations.

Since VA is larger than kW and magnetic fields require more current to be energized, it is necessary to do the conversion.

Convert kW to VA

Kilowatts (kW) is the rate of consumption of power, and volt-amps (VA) is the power flow due to the stored energy of equipment.

For the conversion of kW to VA, one can use a kW to VA calculator, which contains a formula embedded into it as a program to perform the required calculations.

These calculations involve the elements of, apparent power (S), which is the power for obtaining electrical capacity of circuits, real power (P), which is the working power and Power factor (PF), is the proportion of Real power to Apparent power.

Conversion applies the formula:

The apparent power is equal to 1000 multiplied by real power divided by Power factor.

S = 1000*P/PF.

S = Apparent power in volt-amps (VA).

1000 is the constant of proportionality.

P = Real power in kilowatts (kW).

PF = Power factor.

Conversion of the kW to VA can’t be performed directly and hence the purpose of the power factor.

It is crucial to consider the power factor (PF) when sorting the VA and watt ratings to ensure maximum power usage.


Consider an electrical appliance that consumes a real power in kilowatts of 5kW and has a power factor 0.5. Evaluate in volt-amps, the apparent power.


1) Get the formula and evaluate its elements.

S(VA) = 1000*P(kW)/PF

2) Evaluate the values given in the question.

P = 5kW

PF = 0.5

S =?

3) Apply the values into the equation to obtain the absent value

S = 1000*5 kW/ 0.5

S = 10000 VA

In the case the apparent power (S) is required in kVA, you need to divide the result received by 1000. That is;

S = 10000 VA / 1000

S = 10 kVA

During the calculation, it is advisable to note the units of VA and kW to avoid miss-calculations.

kW to VA calculator (kW to VA Easily)

Conversion of kW to VA is easy and efficient by applying kW to VA calculator even when performing many calculations of this kind.

It only requires to enter the correct values and figures into the right field and then click the calculate button.

It is necessary to convert kW to VA because VA helps to specify the equipment load, the size of wiring, and fuses as it considers the peak of both the voltage and current. kW helps only to determine the energy costs.

Implement the above formula and follow the steps accurately will give the required results out of using kW to the VA calculator. Try it today and realize the magic!

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