KWh to Watts calculator (KWh to Watts Easily)

KWh to Watts calculator

One of the main advantages of knowing how to convert kilowatt-hour (kWh) to Watts (W) is being able to tell how much electricity one uses each day.

This advantage has a significant impact on electricity consumption and determining the type of equipment or appliance to buy based on their power rating. Since kWh is the measurement of energy.

Changing kilowatt-hour to watts is relatively simple, especially when you grasp the basic concepts, the calculation becomes quite simple.

What are kWh and Watts

This is the measurement of energy that is the equivalent of a thousand watts of power used for every one hour.

This should not be mistaken with kW, which is simply the amount of electricity being used while kWh is the rate at which the electricity is being used.

Watts, on the other hand, is the amount of energy an appliance/equipment uses at any given time.

Some of the most commonly used household equipment/appliances such as dishwashers, ovens, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, etc. all have specific kWh that they need to run.


Since watts are the measurement of the rate at which energy is being consumed, a kilowatt is 1000 watts. For a kWh then that is 1000 watts for every 1 hour.

The formula for calculating kWh to watts would then be:

k- kilo= 1000

W is the unit in watts.

t is the time taken.


In this case, watts are used as a unit of electrical power and can be found using the formula P = I2 X R, where:

P is the unit of power

I is the current

R is the resistance

The formula for finding KWh to watts then becomes:

kWh = (watts x time(hr)) ÷ 1000

For example, if one wanted to find the kWh of 1000 watts for 3 hours then:

kWh = (watts x time(hr)) ÷ 1000

= (1000 x 3) ÷ 1000

= 3kWh

Converting kWh into watts will be:

kWh = (watts x time(hr)) ÷ 1000

kWh x 1000 = (watts x time(hr))

(kWh x 1000) ÷ time(hr) = watts


Watts = (kWh x 1000) ÷ time(hr)

Sometimes time is given in minutes, and as such, one has to convert the minutes into hours before calculating either kWh or watts.


If you have a 1300 watts washing machine that you run 6 hours every day. Then the washing machine will be consuming 7800 watts-hours per each day, since

Watts per hour will be (1300 x 6 = 7800)

To divide the 7800 watts per hour into kilowatts per hour, then we divide it by 1000 to give us 7.8 kWh.

To get kilowatts per hour will be (7800 ÷ 1000), and you end up with 7.8 kWh. Hence the formula kWh = (watts x time(hr)) ÷ 1000 applies.

KWh to Watts calculator (KWh to Watts Easily)

The same can be done when calculating watts from kWh.

A washing machine that has a 7.8 kWh rating, and you run it for 6 hours every day.

Then the wattage will be consuming 7.8 kilowatts every hour for the next 6 hours.

That will be 7.8 divided by 6 time(hr) (7.8 ÷ 6), giving us 1.3 kilowatts.

But 1 kilowatt is equivalent to 1000 watts,

Therefore 1.3 x 1000 = 1300 watts.

Being able to calculate kWh to watts is very convenient as it enables one to determine the amount of power they consume.

This is important if one wants to conserve or lower their electrical bills. The same can be said for electrical appliances, knowing the power rating can help one save on their electricity bill.

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