Wh to mAh Calculator Online (Easily)

Wh to mAh Conversion Calculator Online

Many people shopping for consumer electronic devices that use batteries are keen on the battery specified in Watt-hours(Wh) and other times in milliamp-hours(mAh).

If you always wonder how you can compare the two, then you are in the right place.

In this article, we will go through the formula you can use to convert watt-hours to milliamp-hours to know how much charge holds with specific wattage hours and voltage.

The Wh to mAh formula is as follows:

mAh = (1000 x Wh)/V

What is the Formula

This is a formula that is used to convert energy in an electrical circuit to an electrical charge.

If you have a battery that only specifies the Wattage and voltage, you can use the above formula to convert the energy to an electrical charge.

Wh to mAh  Conversion Calculator Online

With the formula, you can be able to determine the total electrical charge of a battery.

Therefore, you can be able to tell if the battery can serve you for a significant period.

Definition of each element of the calculation

To understand the formula, it is important to understand what each of the elements in the formula stands for and what they represent.

● Wh stands for Watt-hours. They are useful in measuring the energy contained in an electrical circuit.

For instance, the one-watt hour is the equivalent of one watt of energy that is used in an hour.

● mAh stands for milliamp-hours and is the measure of electrical charge that a circuit holds. In most cases, it is a measure of the total charge of a battery.

If you check phone specifications in the battery section, it is often you see something like 3000mAh or 2600mAh.

This simply represents the total charge the battery can hold when fully charged. You can also find such specifications in gadgets such as power-banks

To understand it better, think of it as one mAh charge supplies one milliamp of electrical current for an hour.

● V stands for the voltage of the electrical circuit. Voltage in a circuit is the electromotive force and is defined as the electric potential difference in the electrical circuit.

How to do the calculation

When you have all the elements to the formula, converting from Wh to mAh is straightforward.

The charge in the circuit or Q(mAh) is the equivalent of 1000 times of Electrical energy in the circuit E(Wh) usually measured in watt-hours then divided by the total voltage VV.

The formula becomes:

Q(mAh) = (1000 x EWh)/VV

Milliamp-hours = (watt-hours x 1000)/ volts

mAh= (Wh x 1000)/V

a working example can be;

Suppose you have a battery that has 1.5Wh on its specifications. Given that the voltage is given as 5V, convert the watt-hours to milliamp hours:


Wh= 1.5

Voltage= 5


We know that; mAh = (Wh x 1000)/ V

Therefore, mAh for the battery = (1.5 x 1000)/5

= 1500/5

= 300 mAh

Some tips and warnings

Always remember to use the correct figures when doing the calculations. One wrong figure could change the final milliamp-result


With the above formula, you can be Comfortable when selecting batteries, power banks, phones, and other electrical appliances that use batteries.

It is easier to understand milliamp hours when it comes to choosing a battery that you want to serve you for a long period before it drains out.

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